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The Yoga Pantry is located in the heart of Dominion road in Mount Eden Auckland, and is nestled comfortably in the basement of the St Albans Church.
We offer tradition yoga asana, breath work, meditation, yin, relaxation, beginner and intermediate courses and classes, as well as an ACC accredited chair yoga class. Our classes are for people of all ages and abilities. We pride ourselves on providing heart centred classes that help you fall in love with the body you have, and we have a strong focus on building a healthy, loving, and inclusive community. Our classes are fun and our teachers are amazing!
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Where to find us

Looking for a yoga class near you? You can find us at the St Albans Church on 443 Dominion Road. Follow the path to the right of the church and look for the door to the left down at the bottom of the path.

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No bookings necessary for our regular yogaclasses :)

Everyone welcome.

Eftpos available on site. We don't accept credit cards though.

We are only at the venue when classes are scheduled.

About Us - The best variety of Yoga in Auckland

People generally want to know "what style of yoga do you teach?" Yoga is not a style, rather it is a lifestyle ;)

So in answer to that question, here at The Yoga Pantry, our instructors have been trained in traditional yoga asana, philosophy and lifestyle. It's a really integrated approach that allows us to customise the lessons to suit your needs without being constrained to a specific "style" or brand. 

Traditional yoga encompasses all of the postures that you find in branded "styles of yoga" plus all of the postures that get overlooked but offer a lot of really important benefits. We also incorporate relaxation and breathing work (pranayama) while peppering in some philosophy here and there to give you a well rounded workout that enhances the benefits of the asanas (postures) and leaves you feeling balance and rejuvenated.

What You Can Find In The Pantry

Our classes are fun and lively and consist of general Yoga classes, Yin yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Beginner yoga courses and Intermediate classes, as well as mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation classes. Yoga for disability, elderly, or just someone looking for a gentle and effective way to stay healthy and relieve stress. We also throw in a variety of other great class options here and there to keep you feeling fit, energised and enjoying every moment of your life. Check out our Class Description page for a full run down.

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Testimonials from out amazing clientele

yoga fan

"Amazing class, Natasya is a great teacher. I am already addicted to Yoga!" -- Jessi 

yoga student

"Natasya is a great teacher! Many dimensions & laughs "-- Hannah 

yoga for seniors

"Natasya is an outstanding teacher and runs a wide variety of classes. Definitely something for everyone." -- Russell 

yoga class near me

"I am officially addicted to Yoga! To say Natasya is fantastic is an understatement!!! My mind body and soul thank you!!" --Alex 

the best yoga classes in auckland

"This is such a great, down-to-earth studio with fantastic teachers who really tailor the practice to suit every student. Love it!" -- Madina 

free daily yoga

"Have been looking around Auckland for a yoga teacher that challenges me but at my own pace. Found an amazing yoga teacher with Natasya and love her classes. She is a great teacher and I always feel rejuvenated, relaxed and tired in a good way after class. Her compassion, enthusiasm and attention creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. Found what I was looking for." -- Frauke 

the best yoga in auckland

"Yoga class was excellent. Felt so chilled out afterwards, just what I needed." -- Emma 

aucklands number one yoga studio

" Natasya catered for the level I was at and adjusted her class accordingly when she observed my areas of needs and strengths. The best class I've been to in Auckland for years." -- Jenni