Natasya's books recommendations and things we love :)

If you've been following our Facebook page you may have seen our Friday Book Club recommendations.

Books are such a cheap and pleasurable way to expand your mind and learn about the world, what makes people tick and how to help yourself through those tough times.

So we've compiled a list of incredible books (and other things) that can help you reach the next level in your evolution too.

Tash is a veracious reader so bookmark this page and check back from time to time to see what else has been added to this library of inspiring books and other fab yogic inspired goodies.

To make it easy to compile this list and add links for purchase if you are so inclined and have the ability to add a little personal note for each item, we've partnered with Amazon to create a page of awesome! Officially making me an Amazon influencer ooo fancy! :D

Click here to get taken to The Yoga Pantry Library of Awesome :)