Tween and Teen Yoga - 10-14 years

Currently on Hold until 2020 - check back in with us early Jan for new term dates.

The program runs for 8 weeks, with weekly 1 hour classes that will include a collection of fun, healthy insights that introduce mindfulness, movement and tools to reduce anxiety and find calm even in the face of whatever challenges life brings our way.

$100 for the term or
$15 for each session individually (provided we have space)

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Some benefits for teens and tweens when practicing yoga.

Stress Management -Yogasana is an effective stress reducer. Through the physical poses and breathing techniques the body's own natural stress busting response is triggered taking the central nervous system in to the state of rest and digest, as the parasympathetic nervous system takes charge releasing endorphins and serotonin, the bodies happy hormones.

Increases Energy - Yogasana (physical poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) also help regulate and increase energy levels in the body.

Weight Management - Stress can lead to overeating, which in turn leads to weight gain. Teenagers can also gain weight due to hormonal changes. The practice of yoga can prevent weight gain in both these cases.

Builds Strength - A physical yoga practice engages you physically and there are many yoga poses that can help you build bone and muscle strength. Particularly beneficial for those growing pains as the body is guided into healthy alignment.

Improves Body Image - Teenagers often have a poor body image and are self conscious of their changing bodies. A wholistic approach to yoga promotes self-awareness and acceptance, which helps teenagers overcome their insecurities.

Improves Breathing - Yoga is a blend of breathing exercises, postures, relaxation and meditation that foster physical and emotional well-being. Pranayama practices teaches tweens and teens how to deal will stressful and anxious situations, empowering them to take a step back and take control when things feel like they are spiraling out of control.

Improved Mood And Cognitive Functioning -  A regular and consistent yoga practice improves the mood and changes how stress, anxiety, and fatigue are dealt with. Yoga also helps improve cognitive functioning, coordination and enhances memory and confidence levels. 

Promotes Better Posture - Teenagers and children who carry heavy backpacks and work on computers often have a ‘hunched over’ posture when they sit or stand. Yoga poses will help stretch out and strengthen the spine, open up the chest and help you maintain an upright posture.

Improves Concentration - Yoga teaches adolescence how to be patient, how to use their breath to stay focused on the task at hand and how to deal with challenging situations. 

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