Pregnancy Yoga

These classes give you, the expectant mother an opportunity to tune inwards and focus on your growing belly with a new sense of awareness.

Prenatal classes are flowing, nourishing and encourage women to tune in with and trust their intuition. Attention is given to your changing body, releasing areas of tension, and reconnecting with both yourself and baby. We build in time to pause and surrender, yet feel strong and empowered throughout the classes (and pregnancy). Classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy, you will be led how to adapt the postures as necessary to suit your body and trimester.

You may already be familiar with some of the poses, but prior yogic knowledge is not necessary as we will be working around these classic poses with mindfulness and care to create a sense of nurturing and peace, bringing flexibility to mind and body.

This is a time for us to feel comfortable and secure in taking care of ourselves, with the motto of "what is good for mother is good for baby". (Ana Davies) Baby Bliss Yoga.

Each class will be especially suited to the various stages, levels or energy experienced during pregnancy to support your body most to enter into labour and beyond with ease.  We will cover safety guidelines and benefits of pregnancy yoga over the coming weeks, with some helpful mindsets to develop during pregnancy.

PLEASE NOTE: Classes are designed to support pregnancy from 12 weeks, however if you're in the first trimester and really want to start your yogic journey please do get in touch and we can look at whether it is suitable for you to start early depending on your yogasana experience and general fitness.

Friday Evenings 7.15 pm - 8.15 pm 


$130 for 6 weeks

$25 casual, bookings essential You will need to book via our regular timetable.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  • Builds strength
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Teaches you to breathe
  • Teaches balance
  • Helps you open your hips for childbirth
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Helps you bond with your baby
  • Teaches you how to rest on command
  • Encourages confidence

Your Prenatal Instructor

Claudia Terzi

I graduated with Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training and I have adopted the contemporary approach in my yoga teaching. I am inspired by the history, philosophy and tradition of Yoga mixed with some modern studies, investigation and inquiries. I see a student like a capable and competent learner and teachers and students learn alongside each other.  My goal is to facilitate a practice that allows people to move from the inside out, allowing a freedom in movement and the body at ease. I aim to teach a practice that empowers people and it instigates curiosity, exploration and creativity to reach freedom in mind, body and spirit. I aim to teach a practice for a fun, loving, explorative and nourishing experience in an inclusive and welcoming environment where there is no judgment. 

As a professional I am always looking to learn more to provide more quality in my teaching. I have completed the Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher course with Bliss Baby to offer pre and postnatal yoga classes.

I am a fully qualified Early Childhood and Primary teacher and I have been doing Yoga and Pilates with children for a few years. In addition I have completed a small course for Kids Yoga Teachers with Michala Sangi and the Yogi Kids Teacher Training.