Why Yoga Makes Our Toes Curl...

At The Yoga Pantry our mission is to help people positively transform their outlook on life while creating happy andhealthy bodies, mindsets and heartsets.

We offer the best variety of Yoga in Auckland

People generally want to know "what style of yoga do you teach?" Yoga is not a style, rather it is a lifestyle 😉

While we don't take ourselves too seriously we are certainly serious about your wellbeing.

So, in answer to that question, here at The Yoga Pantry, our instructors have been trained in traditional yoga asana, philosophy and lifestyle. It's a really integrated approach that allows us to customise the lessons to suit your needs without being constrained to a specific "style" or brand. 

Traditional yoga encompasses all of the postures that you find in branded "styles of yoga" plus all of the postures that get overlooked but offer a lot of really important benefits. We also incorporate relaxation and breathing work (pranayama) while peppering in some philosophy and energy medicine here and there to give you a well rounded workout that enhances the benefits of the asanas (postures) and leaves you feeling balance, rejuvenated and centred.

We are joy bringers disguised as Yoga teachers. 😄

Drop in to see us and pick up your $50 Fast Track pass to enjoy 1 whole month of unlimited yoga, that's a whopping $90 discount. Madness!

No bookings are necessary for our regular yoga classes ☺

We also have Eftpos available on site, we don't accept credit cards though.

Our fabulous instructors are only at the venue when classes are scheduled.

check out our timetable and regular class prices.

Hop aboard the transformation train now...destination... your best life ever!