Meet Your Incredible Yogic Guides 😇

Natasya Yusoff - Chief Yogi and Transformative Coach

I have had an on again off again relationship with yoga since my late teens when I found a VHS tape in a bargain bin at a local supermarket while living in Malaysia. Yup you read that right VHS... 🤣

The tape was my first real introduction to yoga and it kicked my butt, but I loved it, I discover muscles I never knew I had, a new found strength, flexibility, confidence and freedom to just be me.

After a few years of following that one VHS tape (Kathy Smiths New Yoga Challenge). My mum introduced me to a new kind of yoga practice; The Cosmic Fountain of Youth, a series of 3 salutations that was available via cassette tape.

This is the program that has stayed with me and I still teach it to my students today.

Over the years I had a few requests to teach yoga and always politely declined, knowing that I didn't have the right knowledge to teach safely and effectively. But the thought stayed in the back of my mind. 

As the years passed friends started to take yoga teacher training courses, people I had never even guessed would be interested in yoga let alone train to become a teacher, and that little voice in the back of my mind ignited, "if they can do it, so can I!"

I hold a NZQA tertiary level Diploma in Yoga Teaching and Lifestyle Management from Wellpark College. This was a year long intensive teacher training course that fully immerses you in the art of living a yogic life, and exposes all your demons.

I am constantly up-skilling and looking for ways of improving my practice, but I know that this is a life long journey with still so much to learn. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it's those deeper energetic and philosophical aspects of the practice that draw me in and hold my curiosity.

If we all just had a little yoga in our lives, the world would be an immensely better place for all.

I love teaching, be it dance, acting or yoga, I love seeing that light switch on in my students eyes, and the transformations that take place are truly amazing to watch.

It is an honour and a blessing to be part of such magic in peoples lives. And I am blessed to have a beautiful team of yogic angels to co-create with.


Natasya is the founder of The Yoga Pantry as well as a certified Breakthrough Life Coach and Abundance Coach.

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Francesca (Sattva) Tomasetig - Helping you push the reset button 😴

A Light seeker of Italian origins, who’s forever curious about human connections and what makes thriving communities.

Madly in love with the good things of Life and the Journey itself, I came to Yoga in my twenties and evolved with its reliable support ever since.

I started my teacher training at Ashram Yoga in 2012 and never stopped; I have been teaching a variety of classes first in the Bay of Islands and then in Auckland; it was here in the city that I realised the need for Yoga Nidra in our modern society. More than a relaxation practice that ends on the mat, Yoga Nidra is an effective method of deep restorative support that can last well beyond the time in class and can impact all aspects of one’s life. I fell in love with the subtle transformation it affords, while being non-confrontational and incredibly effective.

Furthering my training with the senior teachers of Ashram Yoga, I delved deeper to explore past the physical relaxation aspects of it and discovered tools to transform the conditioning of the mind. I learned to see what does no longer serve and how to release it from one’s life. With 3 levels of Yoga Nidra training and the constant support of my own teachers, I can truly offer one of the best tools for deep, restorative relaxation and help people incorporate these techniques into their daily routines. Yoga Nidra supports people into achieving rich lives, lived with full awareness and balance.

In light Sattva ॐ

Yoga Nidra

Cheryl Dustin - Helping you manage and bust through Anxiety and Stress😁

Yoga has been on and off in my life for many years, but I felt a real sense of change when practising in India on a family holiday, how much better I began to feel and not really knowing why.  Continuing to practise in New Zealand I wanted to know more and to have a deeper understanding of why yoga works and found myself signing up for Level 1 part-time Teacher Training, initially more for personal development than to teach!  I was working full-time in the fashion industry as a Designer/Buyer which I have since left, being a mum, going through very painful ‘life stuff’ and travelling internationally for work regularly. 

It was an intense period of my life but yoga gave me hope and new personal connections and community which I needed to move forward. I loved knowing the science of the breathwork and meditation combined with sadhana.  Like others I was hooked and found it was the only thing that worked for me, to help calm the mind, focusing on the breath with the movement. 

I had space in my life to complete Level 2 as an intensive in November 2017 with Ashram Yoga, this intensive helped me on so many levels, opening my heart again and learning more about the creation of energy and chakras which I have only touched the tip of the iceberg on that one, it’s a beautiful journey and I feel lucky to be on it. 

Since then my intention has shifted and now want to share and teach the gift, the gift that is yoga.

Classes are generally flowing, sinking and surrendering, connecting with the mind, body and breath.  Creating flexibility and strength, calmness and willpower.  Helping to increase concentration and more awareness so you react less. 

Yoga can change your day and your life.

See you on the mat.

Hari Om x

Cheryl 2

Vanessa (Sattva) Varela Escobar - Yoga for Every-Body 😍

"I am interested in developing classes with an authentic yoga practice for the individual, so I have trained and continue to specialise in adapting yoga to my students. I have been teaching in New Zealand for 4 years. I received my yoga teacher diploma with Ashram Yoga, and have done specific training with Mark Whitwell; as well as worked in collaboration with Jennie Jackson, for adaptive yoga. I run meditation retreats, and lead group and tailored yoga classes in Auckland, the Coromandel, Colombia and the US."

Vanessa's classes are an all inclusive yoga class catered for ALL ages, health, shapes, culture and religion.  This class will offer you the opportunity to deeply explore traditional Hatha yoga, tailored to fit your needs. 

It has three components: asana practice, including appropriate inversions, twists, forward bends, designed specifically for your body; pranayama or breathing techniques; and a guided relaxation, or meditation at the end.

"Yoga is not for gymnasts or fit acrobats (yet it caters for them too!), but for the real everyday person, with their limitations and struggles. In fact, Yoga thrives on these circumstances and it is then when it empowers you with untapped ease, integration and resilience.

I’m here to tell you that your body deserves a spot on that yoga mat.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga. You just need someone to show you how."

Danielle Koifman -Your guide to bring balance and calm into your world  🧎‍♀️

Danielle found her passion for yoga while she was travelling abroad.

First drawn to the philosophy, then to the physical poses, she found the practice of yoga was able to answer some of her big questions about life.

Her inquisitiveness weaves it's way into her teaching style, as she invites you to get curious about body, breath, and movement.

She advocates for a holistic approach to practicing, incorporating mind, body, and spirit, plus a balance of intuition and tradition, to bring you towards the best version of yourself.

Misato Radovanovich - Guiding you through your pregnancy with grace and ease 🤰

Misato obtained her 200 hour Yoga Teacher’s qualification in 2016 and has been teaching specialized classes in Pre/Postnatal Yoga and Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga. During 2019 she has completed further 300 hours of training for certification in Pregnancy Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Somatics & Mindfulness Meditation, and Yoga for Kids.

Originally from Japan, Misato is a mother of two school-aged children and has been an active yoga practitioner for over 20 years.

Yoga has empowered her with inner peace and confidence throughout her pregnancies, childbirth and motherhood. Her passion lies in sharing her joy of yoga with those who are beginners, are experiencing limitations, or just simply wanting to enjoy life as is. 

She believes that anybody and everybody is capable of practicing yoga and reaping its benefits both for the physical & emotional well-being. It is all about finding the right modifications to make the postures/asanas/movements work for the individual’s needs, so everyone can feel great and completely comfortable about being in their own body.

Misato uniquely incorporates her passion for shiatsu, tai-chi, and te ao Māori into her yoga practice. 

Logan Pike - Bridging the Masculine and Feminine within us all ☯

If I could break my practice and my teachings down to a simple message it would be authenticity. My journey through yoga has taken me through the stillness of yin to the wild movement of ecstatic dance with everything tied together by my breath. In another life, I was a busy restaurant manager living in Sydney with a toxic late-night lifestyle until one day it all came to an inevitable halt. Returning to the studio up the road yoga quickly became my therapy and eventually my life. After a trip back to India to shake things up, I returned home to Auckland to really solidify this new way of living and to share my stories and pass on my teachings.

I am passionate about deep yin sessions and slow mindful movement that is challenging but accessible to everyone and anyone. As a young male yoga teacher, it has been an odd journey into what is very clearly a female-dominated industry. Traditionally, yoga in India is the opposite with a strong masculine energy mostly taught by men. I'm hoping to bridge the gap by offering a balance that encourages all bodies and minds to get involved.

Beth Ivy Buxton - Holding space for you on your journey through motherhood👪

Beth is our Raglan based moon mamma, she leads beautiful workshops and retreats for pre and post natal mammas.

Beth completed her 200hr teacher training with Ashram Yoga last year, and a specialist certificate in Fertility, Prenatal and Post Natal Yoga (including Ayurveda and yogic philosophy) earlier this year. Having started her yoga journey over 15 years ago, it wasn’t until motherhood that her practice really became interwoven within her life – both on and off the mat.  

Witnessing first-hand the grounding and transformative effects of yoga, and its ability to help her navigate the transitions and challenges of motherhood,Beth felt deeply called to share yoga with other mothers and mothers-to-be. She is passionate about holding space for other women, and using yogic tools and philosophies to create more ease in daily life. She has a deep interest in wellness and Ayurveda, and weaves these into the class structure alongside asana (postures), breathing and relaxation.

Prenatal classes are flowing, nourishing and encourage women to tune in with and trust their intuition. Attention is given to your changing body, releasing areas of tension, and reconnecting with both yourself and baby. We build in time to pause and surrender, yet feel strong and empowered throughout the classes (and pregnancy). Classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy, you will be led how to adapt the postures as necessary to suit your body and trimester.

 As well as teaching yoga, Beth is a mother of two small children, a trained Arts Therapist and is currently completing further study as a Postnatal Doula.

A full list of classes and their descriptions can be found here, check out what these amazing instructors have to offer you on your journey to transforming your life from okay to freaking fantastic!